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  • Welcome! Pinu is waitting you with many activities!


    As every summer, at Càmping Mas Nou we have organized loads of activities to make sure the kids don’t get bored, even for a second! From craftworks, board games, ceramic workshops, mobile disco, bingo, table tennis, games in the pool, football and basketball matches, and a long etcetera.

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  • Inflatable objects for camping


    When going camping, the less space our luggage takes, the better. When loading our car, van or roulette sometimes it becomes impossible to fit everything inside. That’s when inflatable gadgets come in handy! Here are a few very useful ones: -Chair Holidays are a time to rest, to lie down for reading, sleeping, listening to […]

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  • We celebrate St John’s Eve in Camping Mas Nou!


    One more year Camping Mas Nou celebrates the shortest night of the year. This feast day was fixed on 23 and 24 June in coincidence with Midsummer. That’s an evening where bonfires and pyrotechnics give the welcome to the summer and the good weather. This is a festivity with ritual and symbolic riches: fire, water, […]

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  • 5 basic tips to fight summer heat


    The summer is the most long-awaited season of the year, especially because of its holiday period. We love sunny days and hot weather! However, high temperatures can be transformed into an enemy for all the campers. That is why today we want to give you some advices to prevent summer heat in Camping Mas Nou. […]

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