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  • Camping Christmas gift ideas


    As every year, we want to help you with Christmas shopping. That’s why we have compiled some gadgets and accessories posted on the blog for camping lovers. Folding portable barbecue Everybody likes eating outdoors, and even more if we organize a barbecue with friends and family members. As we know space is something important when […]

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  • The Ratafia Fair of Besalú


    The medieval town of Besalú will organize the Ratafia Fair on the following 28th and 29th November. Ratafia is a handmade and herb liquor made of a wide range of ingredients depending on the recipe: moonshine, aromatic herbs, fruit, species, sugar… the mixture is macerated during several days. Fair assistants will be able to try […]

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  • Manual and ecological washing machine


    From now on, when you go camping you won’t only press the pedal for accelerate and do kilometers. With the manual washing machine Yirego you can clean clothes manually, ecologically and easily pressing a pedal too. It takes only five minutes to run it. It’s as simple as that: without power supply it will allow […]

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  • 6 Camping accessories for dogs


    Dog is the man’s best friend and it’s also a good travelling companion when we go camping.  Like us, it needs accessories for making its trip safer and more comfortable. Here we list some of them that you may find interesting. Portable feeder and drinker: A nylon resistant bag to provide drinking water and food […]

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