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  • Passion for the Holy Week in Càmping Mas Nou


      The Holy Week has arrived at Càmping Mas Nou, a period of the year to commemorate the passion, dead and ressurection of Jesuschrist. The towns get adorned for the procession or different actuations and celebrate this important dates. In the text below we will make a tour for 5 interesting suggestions to explore the […]

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  • Sant Jordi in Costa Brava


    Like every 23rd April we celebrate the diada of Sant Jordi, the patron and lovers day in Catalonia. The tradition issues that the man gifts the woman a rose and she responds with a book as a metaphor of their love. A tradition that goes back to the 15th century and gets popular with the actual liturgy […]

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  • The 2014 season starts!


    Sunny days are arriving and this can only mean one thing: Càmping Mas Nou starts its new season on the 12th of April! This year we have new features for you to enjoy, to make your holidays in the camping better and more comfortable (even more so). We have a new completely free optic fiber Wifi […]

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  • 5 Games to enjoy camping with your family


    It won’t be long until the beginning of the  newcamping season, and that’s why from Càmping Mas Nou we want to suggest you 5 outdoor games to make sure you have a good time filled with laughter. Water melon game: Make two groups, each one will have a chair 10 metres away with slices of water […]

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