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  • Hanging camping tents


    We have talk on several occasions about different type of tents, but we can still be surprised! Have a look at the models we show you today, which are suspended up high in the trees or in more dangerous places. Raindrop-Saped Treetents don’t go unnoticed. Its designer, Dré Wapenaar, originally designed them to ease the […]

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  • End of the 2015 season


    As every year we must say goodbye until next season. We leave with the memory of a summer full of fun and experiences, but before this we want to thank you for sharing your holidays with us. We hope to see you next year and keep enjoying the best moments in Camping Mas Nou. We’d […]

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  • Empuriabrava: sailing in the catalan Venice


    We can feel like at the beautiful and romantic Venice in the heart of Costa Brava. The coastal village of Empuriabrava has 25 navigable canals which give it a picturesque image, with water streets for neighbours who live in houses with garage, but also with berth and private access to the canal! And who lives around this […]

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  • Lifestraw, a revolutionary water purifier!


    When we go camping or hiking we’ll no longer have to worry about the danger of drinking water straight from a lake, a river, a cascade… and its bacteria. Lifestraw water filters convert contaminated water into clean, safe drinking water. We’ll be able to drink directly as if it was a straw. This little and […]

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