6 outdoor cooking utensils

The true spirit of camping is avoiding eating in bars and restaurants. Cooking outdoors is another camping input to connect with nature and make your experience more exciting. Not to mention the savings 😉

Therefore, we present 10 very useful kitchen tools to have a picnic almost anywhere.

1. Food and drink containers

The colloquially called Tuppers and thermoses, are ideal to contain fresh food and liquids in isolation, whether they are ingredients for cooking or preparations that we want to preserve. It depends on their quality and typology, some even maintain the temperature in an excellent way.

2. Portable fridge

Indispensable to maintain the temperature of beverages or foods susceptible to heat. It does not have to be a huge refrigerator, with which about 4 drinks can fit and a couple of tupperware serves us. Ideally, it should have a top or side compartment where the ice sheets will go. When they are finished, we will only need to remove them and fill them with cold river water, for example. It is not the same as ice but it will do.

3. Portable stove and lighter

The classic Campingaz. It is one of those inventions that are so famous that they take the name of the most popular brand, such as Kleenex. With this portable stove we can heat water or broth, even paellas or small saucepans.

4. Metal camping mug

How many times have we seen that metal mug hanging from the backpacks of hiking and adventure lovers in documentaries, movies or hiking? Well, it is not by chance that everyone carries it: this mug is useful for collecting and drinking water, for washing, for making mixtures, etc.

5. Fork, spoon and razor

Unlike the cutlery we have at home, these are foldable and made of an ultralight metal to optimize cost, weight and space. In this case, we substitute the classic knife for a razor. In this way, we kill two birds with one stone. Although, the ordinary knife of all life can also be used.

6. Metal plate

There are those who like to eat directly from the saucepan, the cup or the paella used to prepare the food. However, sometimes they are too hot to put on our laps or we are just traveling with someone who is intolerant or allergic to something specific. For this reason, we recommend light metal plates.

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