Camping vs. Glamping

Are you a camper or a glampist? Do you have an insatiable adventurous spirit? Or do you just enjoy the classic walk in the mountains without getting too messy? In this article, whether you are one of the first or second, you can find something for you. If you do not know which group you … Read more

6 outdoor cooking utensils

The true spirit of camping is avoiding eating in bars and restaurants. Cooking outdoors is another camping input to connect with nature and make your experience more exciting. Not to mention the savings 😉 Therefore, we present 10 very useful kitchen tools to have a picnic almost anywhere. 1. Food and drink containers The colloquially … Read more

The 9 commandments of the camper

For devout campers, there are certain implicit ‘dogmas’ that we must respect wherever we go. Some may sound like this: “Thou shalt not steal water from thy neighbour”. Others, however, stem from a time-honoured tradition of connecting with the natural world and the environment.Whether you are an amateur or an old fox, keep these 10 … Read more

How to choose the best sunscreen

Do you think that all sun creams are the same? Do you think that as long as it has 50 protection it’s enough? Don’t worry, you’re not alone… There are many people who think like that. The truth is that there is a whole world behind this useful summer ointment. That’s why we’ve rolled up … Read more

100% refund

if cancelled due to Covid-19

Camping Mas Nou wants all our customers to be able to make their holiday bookings with complete peace of mind. Given the uncertainty caused by the current COVID-19 situation, we guarantee to return 100% of any payments made if you are forced to cancel before your arrival date due to any of the following:

  • Travel restrictions
  • Lockdown situations
  • If you have coronavirus or have been in contact with a potentially COVID-positive person (either the lead name on the booking or any of his/her travel companions)
  • Any other matter related to COVID-19, which will be subject to consideration by the management