Càmping Masnou opened in 1972.

Service-oriented and designed as a family campsite, it has stayed true to its core values while continuously improving its facilities and services. The most recent major renovation was in the 1990s, when significant upgrades were introduced to the quality of the services offered while at the same time adapting the facilities to be as sympathetic as possible to the environment.

These constant upgrades have led to our being awarded:
– ISO 9001 Quality Management Certification
– European EMAS Certification in recognition of our respect for the environment

These key factors have inspired the loyalty of numerous families who have continued to place their trust in us for their holidays over three generations.

On the mountaintop is a shepherd,
In the sea a mermaid;
He sings of the wonders of the morning sun,
She sings about the nights of the full moon.

She sings: Shepherd you make me uneasy.
The Shepherd sings: Mermaid you make me uneasy.
If you only knew the beauty of the sea!
If you could only see the light on the ridge!
If you came down here you would be my husband.
If you came up here my joy would be complete.

The mermaid went a little way towards him
and the shepherd a little way from the mountain,
until they met right in the middle of the plain
And out of love they made their home…
It was the Empordà.
Joan Maragall, The Empordà.