The best beaches in Cap de Creus

The Cap de Creus Natural Park, located in the region of l’Alt Empordà, offers spectacular beauty spots, and is the preferred tourist destination for those who are looking for limestone, wrapped in nature. In total there are 97 beaches and beaches at Cap de Creus, and I have missed 10 of the millors:

Platja Port d’Alguer – Cadaqués
It is located on the main passeig of Cadaqués and is famous for the seva representation in a quadre painted by Salvador Dalí, exhibited at the Teatre-Museu Dalí in Figueres. Cadaqués represents the Cap de Creus in all its senses and it is because of this that this beach, in the center of the town, is the first on the list, because there is no Cap de Creus without Cadaqués. Highly recommended.

Cala Portaló- Cadaqués
Cove located between Cadaqués and Port de la Selva, in the middle of Cap de Creus. Only accessible by a path that goes from Cadaqués to the far, or by sea.
It is on the coast of the paratge of Tudela, source of inspiration for many of Dalí’s works. Don’t miss it! You won’t regret it.

Cala Guillola – Cadaqués
Main beach of Badia de Guillola, near Port Lligat. Its surroundings are spectacular and are wrapped in nature. One of the main characteristics is its severe orientation to the south, making it an ideal beach to protect oneself from the Tramuntana.

Cala Sa Sabolla – Cadaqués
Ideal cove to enjoy the paths and scenary in Cadaqués. It is located to the south-east of the town, just to the coast of the far of Cala Nans. From here you can see the village of s’Arenella. To access this sort of cave through stone paved paths, we recommend wearing suitable footwear. It will be much more comfortable and easy to get there and enjoy the experience.

Cala Jugadora -Cadaqués

Cala Jugadora -Cadaqués
Located on the coast of the Cap de Creus lighthouse, surrounded by the Verge Natural Park. Its location makes it an isolated place from any human activity. Cap de Creus in pure state.

Cala Prona – Port de la Selva
Located on the other side of the Cap de Creus lighthouse, at Port de la Selva. It is accesible by foot, or by sea, through the paths that cross the Natural Park, 8 km from Port de la Selva. It is an ideal destination to spend the day after a small excursion through green landscapes. You’ll be able to see a small refuge used by fishermen in the past.

Cala Talabre – Port de la Selva

Difficult access cove. It can be accessed by boat, kayak or paddle surfing. It is isolated from everything and wrapped in rocks. A good reward awaits those who venture to get there, since it is very likely that they can enjoy all the peace and quiet.

Cala Taballera – Port de la Selva
Cala Taballera is located halfway between Port de la Selva and the Cap de Creus lighthouse. It is facing the north and offers you a view of the horizon with great sights of the Natural Park. An hour’s walk from Port de la Selva, Cala Taballera is one of the most spectacular beaches in Cap de Creus.

Cala Fornells – Port de la Selva

Cove with easy access from Port de la Selva. North facing.
Through the path that starts at Cala Tamariua, about 40 minutes from Cala Fornells.
It is accessible on foot and it is a quiet cove and collection, highly recommended for kayak practicing access.

Cala Jòncols, Roses
Cala Jòncols is the last cove in Roses before reaching Cadaqués. It is a pristine cove that offers a very rich seabed, perfect for scuba diving or snorkeling. Of all the coves we recommend, it is the only one that has a bar, from where you can enjoy the views. You’ll want time to stop!

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