The coolest beach bars in Empuriabrava

The chiringuitos on the coast and their gastronomy are a trademark of the place. In fact, only when you sit down to drink a beer can you tell that it’s summer. For this and many other reasons that you already know, here are the 4 most sensational beach bars in Empuriabrava. Read on, the first one is on us.

Jungle Kafé

Do you want to enjoy a delicious cocktail and tapas, in front of the beach? Welcome to Jungle Kafé. The only beach bar that will make you travel to Central America thanks to its decoration, lighting and menu. It is also known for its shows with DJs playing live music. Ideal for eating, drinking, relaxing or dancing. By the way, the desserts on offer are avant-garde.


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In Asturias, cider consumption is associated with leisure culture. Well, in Empuriabrava it’s exactly the same, thanks to Txot’s cider house! If eating is leisure, you’ll have a great time here. Now, let’s put on our bibs because we’ll talk about their assortment.

Iberian cold meats, tartars, churrascos, duck magret, botifarra, hamburger, rap, prawns, salmon and lots and lots of tapas! Moreover, they take into account the allergens (soya, mollusc, fish, lactose, gluten, dried fruit and ou)

Xiringuito Els Salins

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Located between the green zone and the living area of Empuriabrava, this is a classic beach bar with everything you need to turn your head and propose a ‘technical’ stop. With privileged views and an extensive menu, Chiringuito Salis is well known among locals and tourists for its good service and affordable prices for everyone.

Shall I let you in on a little secret? This charming beach bar has a happy hour where, for a limited time, a draught beer costs 1 euro. Frightfully tempting.

Xiringuito X

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It is currently a reference point in the region. Its good community atmosphere stands out from the rest, thanks to the inclusive atmosphere that permeates it. The common denominators: music, good vibes, gastronomy and good drinking.

Did I mention that they are eco-friendly? Well, it also stands out for its commitment to sustainability: recyclable cups and plates, biodegradable straws, reusable ash dispenser and selective waste collection. Chiringuito X is located in the Aiguamolls de l’Empordà Natural Park and takes special care not to leave any traces of its trace – or that of its customers – on the Rubina beach.

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