The 5 best Christmas gifts to go camping this 2022

Regals per anar de càmping

Christmas is comming. This is a good time to buy and give away everything you need and that can improve your stay when you go camping.

Here are 5 of the best gifts you can give a camping lover for this 2022:

1. Portable inflatable mat: 

Avoid sleeping on the floor or getting back pain because of hard mats that prevent you from resting properly during your vacation

This inflatable mat takes up so little space that it allows you to carry it anywhere in complete comfort when folded.

Plus it can be easily inflated… and has a built-in pillow to fit your rest!

You can find it on 

2. Portable electric inflator

To inflate your mattress or camping mat, you can let your lungs in and take a long time, or you can use a portable electric inflator like the one below.

This inflator is rechargeable via a USB port, so you can charge it in the same car without having to have a plug on hand.

It also has 3 adapters that allow you to inflate different objects, such as a beach mattress.

So you can inflate your mattress or camping mat in less than 3 minutes. And another important feature: it can have the opposite effect and deflate the mattress to make sure that there is no air left and that you can store it properly.

A must for any camper!

You can find it on 

3. Camping kitchen furniture

Cooking at the campsite can be an odyssey if you don’t have the right furniture. Many times you have to use the same table where you eat to put the stove and the kitchen utensils.

With this piece of furniture you can keep food, the stove and all the kitchen tools in one place and tidy.

Keep in mind that this piece of furniture can be folded and stored comfortably so that it can be carried wherever you want.

You can find it on

4. Folding table with coasters for camping

There is no point in having a good camping kitchen, if you can’t enjoy it at a good table. That is why we have selected this folding table with cup holders as the one indicated for making meals at the campsite.

With glasses, it makes it easier to have a drink without the danger of spilling anything, as well as being able to make vermouth with peace of mind wherever you want!

You can find it on

5. A holiday at Camping Mas Nou!

Finally, and it could not be otherwise, the best gift you can give a camper is to give a good holiday at our campsite!

A few days of relaxation and disconnection, with lots of sports and cultural activities around Castelló d’Empúries & nbsp; and the Costa Brava.

Don’t hesitate and come and spend a few days with us. We are open from April, we look forward to seeing you!

What do you think of these proposals? Do you miss any? Leave us a comment on the blog!

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