Hiking routes in Alt Empordà

Alt Empordà is a Catalan region located in the extreme north-east of Catalonia. Its geographical location makes it an ideal region for trekking, with paths by the sea and high in the mountains.

The Serra de l’Albera, the Salines or the Cap de Creus are some of the most outstanding places in this area. The tramontana wind and the wild sea have eroded the landscape creating a unique territory, with a great wealth of flora and fauna thanks to the Mediterranean climate.
Alt Empordà offers a wide range of routes for families with children of all ages, as well as for trail running lovers. Here you have some proposals:

Paratge de Tudela
This route runs through Cap de Creus area of Tudela, a place where the shapes of the stones eroded by the Tramontana inspired Salvador Dalí to paint many of his paintings, and surely continues to inspire all the people who walk around it. The Tudela area offers an ideal route for a family walk (5.6 km with a duration of 1 hour and 15 minutes), with the spectacular landscape of Cap de Creus in its pure state, discovering surrealistic shapes in its rocks.

From Cap de Creus to El Port de la Selva (Trans Pyrenean section)
The Trans-Pyrenean route crosses the Pyrenean mountain range, from the Basque Country to Cap de Creus. This section, which goes from the point of Cap de Creus to El Port de la Selva, is about 15 km long and takes approximately 4 hours.
This route is perfect for those who seek contact with nature far away from urban areas, crossing Cap de Creus until you reach the village of El Port de la Selva, a perfect place to eat and spend the day. 

From Cadaqués to Cap de Creus by the old road
Route of 15 km (about 4 hours). It starts in Cadaqués and returns passing by the Cap de Creus lighthouse along the old road between coves.
A beautiful route with little unevenness. Stop at one of the beautiful coves for a swim, it’s a must!

From Sant Pere de Rodes to Sant Salvador
Simple and short route (1.6 km with a duration of 30 minutes). It starts at the monastery of Sant Pere de Rodes and continues until you reach the castle of Sant Salvador de Verdera.
From the monastery, you will be able to contemplate beautiful views towards the north of El Port de la Selva, Llançà and even France. When you go up to Sant Salvador the views will leave you speechless. With a 360º panoramic view, you will enjoy the best views of Alt Empordà: Medes Islands, Gulf of Roses, Figueres and all the villages of the plain up to the Pyrenees.

The Ronda Road from El Port de la Selva to Llançà
A flat uneven road that links the two villages by a path that runs alongside the sea and all the coves (about 9 km in approximately 3 hours). It’s recommended for all ages, especially for families who want to enjoy the views. A heavenly spot to take a swim!

From Portbou to Querroig
The route starts and ends in Portbou, going up to the Querroig castle. An advanced level route (about 16 km away and a total of 6 hours). You will leave from Portbou Beach to the Coll de Belitres, a border road used by the exiles during the Civil War on the border with France. You will continue along the road that separates Spain from France, climbing up to the Querroig Castle, the highest point on the route. From here you can return by the same route, although we recommend you go around the town of Portbou. On the way you will pass near the town’s reservoir and following the stream you will reach the Portbou promenade, where you can stop to have lunch or spend the day on the beach and visit the monument dedicated to Walter Benjamin.

La Muga Natural Way
A path that borders the river La Muga from Sant Llorenç de la Muga to the mouth of the river at Empuriabrava beach. It is 40 km long and takes 8 hours. It is advisable to make the journey in sections. It is a flat road with no unevenness with sections surrounded by trees, very easy and pleasant, perfect to spend a day with the family. It is advisable to do it by bike if you want to finish in one day.

Enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the Alt Empordà with these magnificent routes.

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