What is the classification of campsites in Catalonia?

Years ago, the classification of campsites in Spain and Catalonia was made based on categories: third, second, first and luxury. Each category with its particularities and requirements. Since 2020, however, in Catalonia, campsites have a unified classification in order to facilitate the identification of the category between the Autonomous Communities and the rest of European countries.

This category is based on the same as the hotels: for stars from 1 to 5. According to the current approval, the first, second and third campsites would correspond to 4, 3 and 2 stars respectively. The luxury campsite would correspond to the 5 stars.

To define the classification, we start from the minimum requirements established by law, which are independent of the category assigned to each campsite. Some of these requirements are:

  • Protection and closure throughout the premises
  • Minimum supply of 200 liters per plot and day
  • Electricity and emergency lighting
  • Night light spots in common areas
  • Access for cars and pedestrians
  • First aid kit
  • 24 hour surveillance
  • Customer service

Based on this service base, the star rating would be as follows:

2 stars (Third category)

The 2-star campsites are the cheapest and, therefore, the ones that offer you the least services: basic facilities and small plots (45m2). In return, they offer you a more rustic experience.

3 stars (Second category)

Their plots must be at least 60m2. In this way, there is room for a car and a tent, caravan or motorhome. In this category it is mandatory to have a toilet for every 14 camping units (plots). In this category it is not necessary to have plugs with a protection box in a minimum of plots.

4 stars (First category)

In 4-star campsites, the requirements for the comfort of tourists are higher: plots of at least 70m2, 35% of the campsite units must have access to plugs with protection box and there must also be a toilet for every 10 units. Another bonus is 24-hour security, a supermarket and a sports area.

5 stars (Luxury)

They are a type of camping of superior category, where it has nothing to envy in the best hotels. The minimum size of the plots is at least 90m2. As for the toilets, there must be one for every 6 units, and 100% of the plots must have access to plugs with a protection box. Finally, a 5-star campsite must have services such as a meeting room with TV, a room with board games, a care and first aid room, a children’s playground, swimming pools for adults and children and a sports area, among other services.

When choosing a campsite, it is important to know which category it belongs to, as you will know what minimum services are available. However, we also recommend that you be guided by customer reviews and ratings, as well as the services advertised on each campsite’s website.

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