Glamping vs. Camping: What’s the difference?

You may think that glamping and camping are the same thing, but there are a few key differences between the two that you should be aware of before booking your next trip. Glamping is a much more luxurious experience than camping, with amenities like heated tents, furniture, and even king-size beds. Camping, on the other hand, is a more rustic experience that involves sleeping in a tent and cooking over a fire or camping stove. If you’re not sure which type of outdoor vacation is right for you, read on for a more detailed comparison between glamping and camping.

1. What is glamping?

Glamping is a portmanteau of “glamorous camping”. Glamping is a way to enjoy the great outdoors without having to give up any of the luxuries of home. Campers can enjoy amenities like WiFi, climate control, large beds, and gourmet meals while living in nature. So if you are someone who likes to be outdoors, but hates sleeping on the ground or cooking on a camping site, glamping may be the perfect option for you.

2. What is camping?

Camping is an outdoor recreational activity that involves spending nights outdoors, usually at a campsite, with minimal facilities. You can camp with a group of friends or family, or even alone. People usually camp in tents, but there are also other options like cabins and shelter buildings. Camping is a great way to get close to nature and enjoy the great outdoors.

3. The difference between glamping and camping

Glamping, or glamorous camping, is based on the idea of ​​combining camping with the comfort of a hotel. This means that campers can count on basic services such as bathrooms and electricity, which gives a much more luxurious touch to the campsite. On the other hand, traditional camping is characterized by being much closer to nature and requiring people to carry all the necessary equipment to survive.

4. The benefits of each

Glamping, a portmanteau of glamor and camping, is a style of camping that offers all the comforts of home. Camping, on the other hand, is a much more rugged experience that often involves pitching your own tent at a campsite, cooking your own food over an open fire, and bathing using only cold water from a stream. Glamping has become increasingly popular in recent years as people seek a more comfortable way to experience life outdoors. Some of the advantages of glamping are:

-A bed with real sheets and a cozy duvet.

-A warm shower with plenty of hot water

-Delicious food prepared in the campsite itself

-Wine and champagne with ice

-A toilet with a cistern

5. Which one is the most suitable for you?

If you’re not sure which one is right for you, let us help you. Glamping is a great option if you want the camping experience, but don’t want to deal with all the hassle that comes with it. You’ll have all the benefits of being outdoors (fresh air, beautiful views, etc.) without having to sacrifice any of the comforts of home. On the other hand, camping is a great way to get back to nature and really connect with your surroundings. You’ll have to struggle a bit, but that’s part of the fun. What is your camping style?


Glamping and camping are two different lifestyles. Although both involve spending time outdoors, glamping is much more comfortable and has a higher level of comfort. If you are one of those who enjoy adventure, camping is the lifestyle for you; but if you are looking for something a little more luxurious, glamping is your best option.

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