Camping vs. Glamping

Are you a camper or a glampist? Do you have an insatiable adventurous spirit? Or do you just enjoy the classic walk in the mountains without getting too messy?

In this article, whether you are one of the first or second, you can find something for you. If you do not know which group you belong to yet, in this notebook we will give you a hand.

These are some key differences between camping and glamping. Let’s go there!

Where would you stay?

Camping: take your tent, set it up in a remote place to experience nature in its simplest and purest form.

Glamping: refuge prepared and installed in a natural environment with all the comforts of ‘civilization’ (electricity, air conditioning, water). Located a few miles from attractions.

Where would you sleep?

Camping: Camping in tents implies being well equipped (sleeping bag, marble or inflatable mattress, anti-mosquitoes, etc.) if you do not want to be up all night due to discomfort or stand guard to catch that insect that does not let you sleep.

Glamping: sleep in a comfortable double bed with clean sheets within 4 sturdy walls, isolated from any nighttime threat. Some cabins even have a glass roof to see the stars.

Where would you go to the restroom?

Camping: you can choose. For space it will not be. From a tree to a bush. Try to bring toilet paper from home if you don’t want to use the sheets.

Glamping: relieve yourself in the middle of nature, it has never been so comfortable. In a cabin or bungalow, you have a fully equipped bathroom; some with spectacular views.

How would you cook?

Camping: You will feel like a real nomad, looking for firewood or – better – cutting it (in a sustainable way) to make a fire. Around the fire, telling stories while the marshmallows or whatever food cooks roasts. It is the most famous image of outdoor camping and the best experiences you can have in this life.

Glamping: It is likely that you have restaurants available or catering service around. It is not fast-paced, but it is extremely comfortable!

How would you take a shower?

Camping: if it’s a short getaway, most campers don’t shower and wait to get home. But if your camping is of long duration, there is no choice but to wash in a river, a lake or in a rest area service.

Glamping: As we have already said, glampers have a bathroom that is a luxury in the midst of so much untamed nature. Functional showers, hot water, towels, soap … Some accommodations have a spa.

How would you manage the temperature?

Camping: regulating the temperature in a tent is simple, you just have to open or close the flap of the tent or use a sleeping bag or another or wear light or thick clothing.

Glamping: regulating the temperature in this case is even simpler, just manipulate the cabin air conditioner to your liking. Heating and air conditioning in the middle of nature, at your fingertips.

How would you get water?

Camping: a clean stream, a river, a healthy lake … they are good options to obtain water during your camping. In some cases, if you are not very sure of the potability of the water, boil it before drinking it.

Glamping: most glamping accommodations come with a source of filtered drinking water.

Who would you like to have as a neighbor?

Camping: the normal thing is that the camper is informed of the dangers of the area before camping and knows what kind of neighbors he will have. If you choose to venture out, you don’t know what kind of furry or feathered creature you can live with at night.

Glamping: you never know who you will meet during your glamping stay; a rowdy neighbor, a silent neighbor, a squeaky boy, a kind girl … Who knows?

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