Dive into the world of Snorkel

Do you open your eyes underwater whenever you dive? Do you like to surface dive to get a wider perspective of the seascape? Are the goggles and snorkel part of you?

We present a snorkelling guide that will allow you to get into the waters of this sport. But first, let’s take a look at the benefits of snorkelling.


  • Say goodbye to stress.

Floating and swimming in salt water while admiring the marine flora and fauna is a truly relaxing activity. All the noise of the surface is mitigated, the bubbling of the water, the slow and calm breathing, the feeling of freshness on a hot day… It’s life.

  • Your circulatory system thanks you

Breathing in and out deeply, taking in each breath, reduces blood pressure and oxygenates the blood, improving your heart health.

  • Gymnastics for the lungs

When you snorkel regularly, you improve your lung capacity by expanding your lungs.

  • Psychomotor skills at any age

Maintaining balance between breathing and swimming movements, managing dive tempos and positioning yourself in the vast sea space helps to improve motor skills.

Basic instructions

  • More than glasses and a tube

Generally, the equipment consists of an underwater goggle or mask, a snorkel and a BCD or wetsuit. The wetsuit is not mentioned because in some cases it is optional.

  • Health is the most important thing

The lifejacket may seem bulky at first glance. However, it is a safety accessory required in certain areas. It is therefore advisable to have one.

  • In the snorkel, always air, never water.

Sometimes a little water gets into the tube. If you don’t want to end up with lips as salty as a cod, blow hard in one go to get all the water out. You can also dive all the way in, let the tube fill up and blow it out.

Advanced instructions

  • Straight jump

When you are about to enter the water in a straight jump, make a pincer movement with your legs to prevent your head from ending up in the water.

  • Jump back

Sit down and bring your torso to your knees. Take the goggles and the snorkel with one hand and, with the other, stand on your thighs. Hold the position and dive backwards into the water.

  • Diving fins

When using fins, remember to keep your arms close to your body, like a torpedo. Never move your fins out of the water, even at the edge, or you will scare sea creatures away. Bathers will appreciate it too.

  • 90º

When diving to admire the underwater beauty, keep in mind to descend at a ninety-degree angle.

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