The 9 commandments of the camper

For devout campers, there are certain implicit ‘dogmas’ that we must respect wherever we go. Some may sound like this: “Thou shalt not steal water from thy neighbour”. Others, however, stem from a time-honoured tradition of connecting with the natural world and the environment.
Whether you are an amateur or an old fox, keep these 10 commandments in mind.

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1. Camp whenever possible.

Good for the soul, imagination and cognitive function. It helps to live a healthy life and stay connected to mother nature. Plus, it’s an economical option compared to most alternative getaways.Bueno para el alma, la imaginación y la función cognitiva. Ayuda a llevar una vida saludable y estar conectado a la madre naturaleza. Además, es una opción económica en comparación a la mayoría de escapadas alternativas.

2. Appreciate and learn from the natural environment.

Every day, many natural resources are used for buildings and highways. Around 4 billion trees are cut down worldwide.
Therefore, cherish every moment shared with nature during your journey and while camping. Admire the environment around you.

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3. Consecrate the campsite

Resist the temptation to use technology such as Wi Fi or gadgets. Enjoy the offline activities that nature has to offer: hiking, climbing, outdoor cooking, exploring…

4. You will honour the natural world.

We drink coffee for energy and, according to many studies, the best way to energise ourselves is to connect with the natural world.
Give thanks whenever you connect with the environment. Get involved with volunteer programmes in nature parks and recycling collections.

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5. You won’t harm wildlife.

Feeding your food to a wild animal can be dangerous for you, the animal and other campers. When we talk about harming wildlife, we think of physical abuse. However, there are many other ways to feed them.
When you see an animal in its habitat, observe and admire it. Give thanks for the opportunity and move on. That is the best way to respect wildlife.

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6. You will take every reservation seriously.

The popularity of camping is on the rise. Don’t ignore the bookings, take them seriously. If you book, show up. There are professionals behind every booking waiting and, every time you book and don’t show up, you are taking the opportunity away from others. If you have to cancel your visit, let them know as soon as possible.

7. You will not steal anything from your camper neighbours.

This is an unwritten rule, people may leave valuable material, food or quality clothing at the campsite. You wouldn’t steal anything from your neighbour’s house, would you? Well, it shouldn’t cross your mind to do it on the campsite. Whenever you need something from your neighbour, ask for it gently.

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8. Never lie about your location.

Always inform someone about your location, especially if you are camping alone, primitive style. It is important that someone knows where to find you. Share your location with someone you trust and never lie about it.

9. Don’t covet your friends’ camping trips.

Instead of envying your friends’ camping trips, experience your own. Dare to step out of your comfort zone. Venture out and try the experience of connecting with the nature around you. You may encounter adversity (there always can be) but, when you overcome it, the feeling is unbeatable.

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