Health and hygiene measures

On 21 May the new season will start at Camping Mas Nou.
Once again this year we have worked and will continue to work so that our campers can enjoy a peaceful and totally safe holiday, with the maximum guarantees of safety and hygiene.
In each area of the campsite there will be signs to inform customers of the rules of use and thus, between all of us, act with the utmost responsibility.

Specific measures for each area:

Reception: we will be pleased to help you with any questions you may have. We have conditioned the space to guarantee the minimum safety distances when you go there. As it is an enclosed area, the use of masks is compulsory.High frequency of cleaning and disinfection of the space and surfaces that may be in contact with people.

Toilets area: you must wear a mask and footwear. Cleaning and disinfection shall be applied continuously from 8am to 11pm. Whenever possible, a single direction of circulation should be followed.
To facilitate hand disinfection, you will find hydroalcoholic gel dispensers in them.

Accommodation in bungalows: after each stay, the bungalow will be cleaned and disinfected, as well as the annexed elements. In addition, all textiles will be washed in the laundry at a temperature of 60º with disinfectant products. Objects such as remote controls, for example, are provided with protective measures.

Tent or motorhome accommodation: the floor of each pitch will also be cleaned and disinfected after each stay.

Bar, restaurant and terrace: The seating capacity shall be limited and the safety distance of 2 metres between tables shall be maintained. Tables will be disinfected after each service.
We ask you to wear a mask in the access area and we recommend you to book in advance to avoid waiting and crowds.

Swimming pool: hygiene and disinfection measures will be applied to the facilities, as well as to the deckchairs after each use. Capacity will be limited and there will be signs to maintain a safety distance of 2 metres.
Spaces shall be allocated for the storage of personal belongings and the entrances and exits shall be separated, reducing the flow of people.

Entertainment: Spaces shall be arranged to ensure distances and capacity shall be limited for activities.
The cleaning of the facilities and elements will be daily and exhaustive and the objects used will be for individual use. As always, if the minimum safety distance cannot be guaranteed, the use of a mask will be compulsory.

In different areas of our campsite you will find hydroalcoholic gel dispensers for hand disinfection.

General guidelines for customers:
– Respect the minimum safety distance of 2 metres and wear a mask when this distance cannot be guaranteed.
– Wash hands frequently.
– Use the soap and hydroalcoholic gel dispensers installed in all areas of the campsite.
– Avoid greeting with physical contact.
– Dispose of any personal hygiene waste in the litter bins or containers.
– Follow the indications of the staff and the informative posters and signs.
– Notify the reception staff of any symptoms.

We ask our clients to inform the campsite if they have any symptoms during the 14 days following their stay.

Our staff will ensure compliance with the prevention measures and in case of non-compliance, the necessary action will be taken.

We wish you a pleasant stay!


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100% refund

if cancelled due to Covid-19

Camping Mas Nou wants all our customers to be able to make their holiday bookings with complete peace of mind. Given the uncertainty caused by the current COVID-19 situation, we guarantee to return 100% of any payments made if you are forced to cancel before your arrival date due to any of the following:

  • Travel restrictions
  • Lockdown situations
  • If you have coronavirus or have been in contact with a potentially COVID-positive person (either the lead name on the booking or any of his/her travel companions)
  • Any other matter related to COVID-19, which will be subject to consideration by the management