Motorhomes and campsites go hand in hand!

The coastal area of Catalonia attracts thousands of tourists and this means that there is a greater choice of camping establishments throughout the territory. However, not all of them welcome motorhomes.

Open your eyes wide, here you will find out what are the key factors that make motorhomes very happy.

  • Drinking water supply and waste water disposal system: it seems obvious, doesn’t it? Well, not all campsites have a sewage system adapted to our travellers on wheels.
  • Relaxation area where motorhomers can spend the night in peace and safety: it is essential to dedicate time to a good night’s rest.
  • Simplified recording system, unified check-in and check-out processes: streamlined management helps to optimise and not waste anyone’s time.
  • Park & Ride zone: we claim the universal right to mobility.
  • Rigorous compliance with motorhome tariffs.

We live at a time when we have to lay the foundations for ‘motorhoming‘ in our country, and this can only be achieved with strict compliance, on the part of everyone, derived from a commitment to responsible itinerant tourism, such as what we promote here, in our campsite.

Only in this way, thanks to the agreement of all, we will manage to adapt the extensive network of campsites in Catalonia, making it a perfect destination for any motorhome traveller and, thus, everything will go smoothly.

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