4 typical dishes from our region

From time to time, we feel like eating something typical of our land. And very often too! If you’re a local, you know what I’m talking about and if you’re a visitor, put on your bib because your mouth will be watering.

By the way, if you see some of these dishes on the menu of Pep Amiel’s restaurant Mas Nou, come in and taste it!

Let’s go!

Butifarra de perol

This pork sausage is typical of the province of Girona and, therefore, of all its counties. Although it is now a standardised product in all towns and cities, butifarra de perol is a farmer’s traditional sausage. It is made by mixing a portion of shoulder trimmings and raw bacon with bacon, offal, cheeks, cheeks and jowls, all previously cooked in a cauldron. In the old days, it was cooked in a pot, hence the name.

Afterwards, the whole mixture is chopped, then it is salted and put inside a primitive pot.

Anchovies de la Escala

For more than 81 years there has been a dedication to the salting and preparation of anchovies, following traditional methods and know-how inherited from generation to generation since the origins of fish salting, with the arrival of the Phoenician and Greek peoples in Empúries.

Anchovies are an oily fish and an emblematic ingredient of the Mediterranean diet. Olive oil from the best Spanish olive trees also benefits human health.

The consumption of anchovies is highly recommended to maintain a balanced diet, rich in Omega 3, which helps to reduce cholesterol levels.

Goose with turnips

The best way to explain it to you is to share our secret recipe!

Ingredients: brown a peeled head of garlic, a slice of fried bread, three or four leaves of parsley, a fried goose liver, and a fried goose liver.

Preparation: all these ingredients are chopped with a pestle and mortar. Fry the goose in small pieces and add the minced ingredients, all of which should be cooked over a low heat.

When the meat begins to cook, add the turnips, which have been boiled and fried and floured. Just let them start to boil, otherwise they would fall apart. Then add some pine nuts, four toasted almonds and a couple of biscuits, all finely chopped in a mortar. Leave to simmer for a few minutes and serve at the table.

Suquet of fish

It is a varied fish dish -sometimes with crustaceans and molluscs- prepared with a sofrito. It is an original fishermen’s dish, cooked on the boat, which used to be made without “sofreginat” with all the ingredients uncooked.

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