Camping hobbies for young and old alike

If you are at the campsite on a rainy day, you are tired or you just want to spend some dynamic time with your family, read on, this will interest you.

Hobbies are good for much more than we think. Apart from keeping us entertained, they are a source of physical and mental health benefits: they promote the release of endorphins and serotonin. They also help strengthen the immune system, protecting us from all kinds of illnesses.


Like a Tetris made of wood, this game is very progressive, as there are different levels of difficulty. It is suitable for all ages, with younger children improving their spatial vision and older children working on it. The difficulty increases or decreases depending on the position of the ruler, which delimits the playing area. There are more than 30,000 possible combinations. Family, do you dare?

Rubik Cube

Rubik’s cube is all about smart play and is guaranteed to improve muscle memory and hand eye coordination. A puzzle toy that is not only about fun, but also about improving your motor and problem solving skills. What are you waiting for? Go and play smart.

Colouring books

You start to paint, you look at the clock and two hours have already passed, right? It’s amazing how relaxing and de-stressing colouring is. This type of book is widely used in schools: children are often more interested in colouring books than in other learning methods. It also encourages their creativity.


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Before the famous pizza delivery brand, this game already existed. Did you know that there are several types of games, depending on the country? In fact, there are so many modalities that we would need an article dedicated only to dominoes.


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The first puzzle was created in 1760! The cartographer, John Spilsbury, cut out the borders of a map of Great Britain which was later used for educational purposes. I think we can say that it is the most classic pastime in the world. Solving puzzles strengthens the brain, improving short-term memory.

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