Useful meal ideas for the campsite

We share some simple and practical alternatives to prepare cooking in the open air, while we are at the campsite. Join us and keep reading!

Homemade nut bread

Bringing ready-prepared food from home can save us a lot of time, especially when we spend it on our precious holidays. For lunch, the best thing is a good amount of freshly made bread to go with an iogurt or a snack. Simply prepare it beforehand at home, so that you don’t have to carry the ingredients (which are heavy!).

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Tuna, lettuces and mayonnaise sandwiches

When we go camping it is very common to go for a walk and do activities during the day. For this reason, the most practical thing to do is to bring sandwiches. The key to making a good (hearty and tasty) starter is to add at least two ingredients, one of which is a sauce to fill the bread and the other ingredients.

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‘Powerful salads’

They are the preferred alternative, as you can eat them cold and they are portable. I suggest a combination of carbohydrates (rice, pasta, quinoa or couscous) with protein (tuna, dried fruits or nuts), and if you add a bit of fruit and vegetables (parsnip, lettuce, tomato or avocado), you have a healthy appetizer for your walks.

Marinated meats

If you have the possibility of using a hand-held refrigerator, one of those that you can connect to a vehicle, don’t hesitate to cook marinated meat. Put two pieces of meat in a hermetically sealed container (like a ziplock) and cook it with mustard, provenzal herbs or whatever marinade you like best. It is an excellent alternative to accompany with white rice, remember to eat it the first 3 days so as not to make it unpalatable.

Snacks and appetizer aperitius between meals

Right now I would eat an appetizer! How many times have you said it out loud during an excursion? Well, the best friends to give you energy when you feel like making a quick bite are peanuts, almonds, corn and raisins. If you find yourself lacking a little bit of sweetness, you can opt for a bar of cereals with honey.

As for appetizers, I recommend them as a way to kill the bug while waiting, resting or as an alternative to a light snack.

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